Sambanismo Records, founded in 2012 by the Brazilian artist Edson Gonzaga, also known under aliases Edson Guiu & DJ G, stands as a beacon for Edson's unique musical vision. It is a label dedicated to sculpting the dynamic forces and rhythms of Brazilian house music, intertwining the vivacious essence of Brazilian culture to forge a new generation of house music. The label boasts upcoming releases from notable artists like Kenny Bobien, Shane the Golden Voice, and Sandra in the forthcoming year.

Collaborations with DJs such as DJ Beloved, Adam Rios, Mark Francis, DJ Sam One, and Shann S have been ongoing, resulting in tracks featuring talented musicians like Davi Jardim, Vinicius Dora, Vinicius Chagas, and Helder Percussionista, all contributing to the evolving sounds that promise to redefine samba music. DJ G's extensive global club experience has provided valuable insights into audience reactions, all of which have been overwhelmingly positive.
Sambanismo Records remains committed to nurturing emerging talent, supporting aspiring singers and musicians, with Edson Guiu confident in the emergence of a fresh sound. With two tracks already released, there's a promise of more to come. Watch out for this rising producer, as he endeavors to carry House Music on a transformative journey through his homeland, channeling the true essence and vigor of Brazil, fused with his profound love for House music and its cultural roots.


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